Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Over Workload!!

To those who waiting for my updates, I'm so sorry for my missing and silence this few days. I know there is someone out there that following me in very silence mode. Thanks anyway, keep reading my blog as it is my pleasure to share something about my life with all of u out there. Just that at this moment, I'm totally been burdened with my workloads! Its seems like i have no space to take a single fresh breath in my own cubical! Damn it, i don't really like this kind of situation actually. But what to do, jobs will never finish. As long as i am a coolie of this company and get my pay every month. Huhuhu..

Well, I'll be back with more stories after this. About my 3rd Paintball game, I'm down after my Paintball - low blood pressure and my dearest hubby attacked by fever last night.

Notes: What to do, i know my english not that good enough..

So, till my next post. Bye bye bye.


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