Sunday, November 01, 2009

Building a Team, Eagle Ranch

-This is an on-behalf post by Mr Hubby-

Blog owner is currently attending company's team-building program in Eagle Ranch, Port Dickson. Yours truly as the husband is not allowed to attend as this is a company event (and won't join even if allowed, huhu). Wifey had sent an MMS message showing her blistered fingers due to an activity called 'Sea Rafting', where they were given things like ropes, drums, woods and so on and use these things to create a raft. Am not really sure the significance of this activity, maybe was used to promote sense of teamwork within each other (why don't they just play paintball..?).

They departed at 7:20am yesterday, although in the activity list they were supposed to gather round at 6:30am and departed at 7:00am. I guess the 'janji Melayu' effect has gone 1Malaysia and is currently on its mission to go global, haha. Woke up at 5:30am yesterday, took a bath and ensuring nothing was left behind before we head off to Phileo Damansara. Arrived there at about 6:20am (see, we are not late-comers!). Stopped by Petronas at Sprint Highway to buy our breakfast which consisted of pre-packed 'nasi lemak' and 'mihun goreng', and also Milo.

Latest update from Mrs k-mie is she is currently having lunch before continuing with indoor activity. There will be company annual dinner and lucky draw tonight, so help me by joining my pray wishing Mrs k-mie will win some big prize (aiming the microwave or handphone or cash).

Her mood: bored and feels like wanna go home

Till my next post.. Bye bye bye..



2 Mak Joyah Bertandang:

ch@ said... Jawab Balik

dia rasa nak balik sebab......
Mr Kmie, tak de kat sebelah dia....
sgt boring la, bila celik mata hubby takde kat sebelah...btl tak pn izma??
merasa ko yerk...aku dh rasa thn lps :p :p :p

i.z.m.a said... Jawab Balik

banyak sebab yang buat aku rasa nak balik. bukan semata2 itu saje. tapi yang pasti sebab itu adalah salah satu darinya. sebab aku tau, die sentiasa tunggu kepulangan aku. kan sayang..!!

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